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About Us

What we have done for you

We quickly shift your habits from toxic to healthy. Founder Yvette Rose never believed in diets. She has witnessed her clients and staff for over 10 years struggle to keep with a plan and when they "fail" they beat themselves up unmotivated to start again. With all the tempting foods, drinks with friends, or the need to just not think about what you are eating --it's no wonder why people fail. 

Joulebody's program is short term. Giving you more than just food. It's tips, meal plans, recipes, exercises, and ideas for a happier lifestyle. It's short term. Yvette does not believe you need to be healthy 24/7 rather it's 80/20. Incorporate healthy habits in your daily life and when you need that push --A Radical Shift to get on track, Joulebody will do just that for you.



Joulebody founder Yvette Rose is a petite dynamo with the serenity of a yogi. With an encompassing array of wellness related certifications and over ten years of experience, she is uniquely qualified to help clients attain a lifestyle that is energizing, liberating and fulfilling.

Yvette's path to becoming a Certified Health Counselor, nutrition specialist, certified holistic Practitioner, physical trainer and yoga instructor was a very different one than you might expect.

Un-athletic in school, at 18 Yvette tried to enlist in the Army but was rejected because she couldn’t do more than a few push-ups after months of training. Plus, she had to eat pounds of bananas just to make the 92 lb weight requirement.

Ten years later, college educated business woman Yvette experienced the "diet wars" from the opposite perspective. Tired, depressed, out of shape and over 40 lbs heavier after the birth of her first child, she started going to the gym and working out. It was then her passion was born.

Years of study, training and research followed and, in 2007, Yvette opened Joulebody to help the super busy and over-stressed people of downtown Manhattan live healthier and happier.

Yvette is devoted to her clients and the promise of providing the ultimate in fitness training, nutritional guidance and spiritual encouragement. As a wife, mother of two and business woman, she understands the challenges of taking time out to nurture the body and founded Joulebody to make it easier for people to achieve a greater level of well-being.

Her cleansing programs provide well-seasoned, delicious meals made with raw vegetables, quality herbs, and other healing ingredients. The customizable food plans are uniquely formulated to boost energy while flattening your stomach and helping eliminate unhealthy food cravings. Given Yvette's genuine understanding of what her clients need, it's not surprising that Joulebody gives you food you can actually sink your teeth into.

What are the benefits of cleansing and detoxing your body with Joulebody?

Our bodies absorb toxins from pollution in our air and water, hormones in animal products, food containers and unhealthy preservatives in bad foods. Cleansing helps your body eliminate free radicals from your body that contribute to health issues such as weight gain, digestive problems, fatigue and poor skin. Joulebody clients most often achieve clear skin, better sleep and healthy weight loss through cleansing.

What makes Joulebody different from other cleansing programs?

Ours is the only cleansing program that uses fresh, vegan whole foods- yes, you heard it here first, actual food, not just juice or diet pills- to detoxify your system. All of our food is 100% free of gluten and preservatives. It arrives at our headquarters straight from local farms and leaves here in eco-friendly bottles, food containers and mason jars. Not only our food, but also our packaging, will make what you put into your body that much healthier. That being said, don’t try to consume our packaging. It hasn’t reached that level of advancement yet.