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my dharma

I Found My Mission

It's been a good couple of days. Taking the time to actually create a schedule for my life does work. Exercising really does give me more energy. And eating right does help me feel better about what I give to my body. Meditation really does feel good.

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If I were my own wellness coach

wellness coach
My commute to and from work is on a bike or on my feet to do all it takes to run my small business only to hustle back downtown to grab a kid or two for soccer, playdates, etc.

Living My Life's Mission

my dharma
When I think about my mission –my dharma in this world as a mom I would say it’s to be my boys backbone. It is to love my boys unconditional so that they can conquer the world with confidence and perseverance from a kind loving place.

#FWNY - Fashion Week New York

I love the world of fashion. The clothes. The art. The colors. The show. I always did. It’s what I dreamed when I was stuck in my life of poverty. I hung pictures of Gucci. Prada. Mui Mui. Donna Karen. Calvin Klein.

Fix Your Toxic Habits: 7 rehab tricks to a slim, energized body

healthy habits

Summer may be the season that restores your outdoor exercise routines and sanity, but it tends to do the exact for your eating habit. After a few months of alcohol, chips, BBQ’s and not enough good, clean water your belly might be experiencing a little summertime bloatedness.

Lifestyle Program


Joulebody, the NYC based juice and vegan food company creates a 20 day custom healthy detox and weight-loss program in time for post-summer or early holiday resolutions.


Fashionista Cleanse

Fashionista Cleanse


Our Manifesto

Balance: We believe in satisfaction, not deprivation, to encourage a new life-style. "If you eat your chips, you must drink your greens" --as long as those greens are delicious. Energy:

Eating Food Is Urgent

Why if we know that white sugar is as addicting as cocaine do we still buy it. Why if we know that exercise reduces the risk for disease do we leave it for another day. And why if we feel tired, look old, and have bloat do we still choose a few cups of coffee, wine and cheese everyday.

Paleo Diet vs Joulebody

Let’s just ignore that fact that Paleo Diet came from the idea of eating like cavemen and that it involves us eating mostly all animal products excluding dairy, there’s no dairy in this diet.

Trust Mom

There is a line that I could not figure out which side I belonged to. On one side I trust that I do the work and the universe will take care of me. On the other side I survive, I do the work because that is what I know I have to do. Make sense?