kickstart 3 day cleanse

kickstart 3 day cleanse


Every kickstart 3 day cleanse Includes:

3 12oz Raw Juice
3 12oz Green Juice
3 12oz Citrus Juice
3 Snacks
6 Soups or Meals
Calories: 850-1100

IT'S IN THE NAME OF COURSE. This program is just that, a kickstarter of everything healthy and good for you. Like eating more veggies, eating through-out the day, drinking green juice, and providing the body with a plant based diet of easy to digest food for quicker weight-loss and a flatter stomach. All of the meals, snacks and drinks are made with whole-food vegetables, seeds, and other ingredients that feature protein and fiber to satisfy your appetite to get you losing weight.


  • Results of up to 7lbs weight loss
  • Better looking skin
  • Easy to follow - did not feel hungry
  • More energy

"I was amazed at how easy it was to follow. I have done Blueprint Cleanse many times but I had no idea I could get the same results with food. It did help me 'Kick-start' better eating habits." -- Jenny S., Long Island, NY


  • All of your meals are 

    • Clearly labeled with the day and time you are recommended to eat or drink
    • Made with carefully sourced, highly detoxing ingredients
    • Organic and local 95% of the time
    • Low in allergens ingredients like nuts and sesame seeds
  • Green, environmentally friendly packaging 

    • Like the insulation is made of recycled fabric 
    • No BPA
    • Glass for NYC --Locals Plant based plastic for nationals 
  • Email support with journals, recipes, and more before and after your cleanse
  • A flyer with recipes, information and more
  • Food4Thought by Joulebody --Tips+Tricks on living an active, more energized lifestyle
  • FAQ page constantly updated to help answer all your questions


No cold-pressed juices here. And definitely no bragging rights on juice cleansing because it's just not what we do. We blend whole-food vegetables, berries, herbs and spices to give your body juices, bars, and meals filled with protein and fiber helping to cleanse your body.Allergy information: Although we have no wheat, nuts or gluten in our meals, our kitchen is not a gluten/nut free facility. Un-pasteurized juices, so if you are suffering from any immune deficiency diseases, this program is not for you. Our A-La-Cart options may be a better option. Choosing any meals that are cooked.


Detoxifying Ginger Meal Replacement Bar from Joulebody

Meal Replacement Bars - Ginger

Box of Six (6) bars


Sexy Bite Cookies will Increae your Libido & Detox your Body



We are using our NEW Plants to Plastic bottles for all orders with FedEx.
It's a plants-to-plastic which has no BPA, and it's PET which has a smaller carbon footprint than glass. These bottles may seem smaller and more compact, however they are still the same measurements as the glass bottles.

This diet is not recommended and should not be used by anyone with the following conditions:
  • severe medical conditions
  • blood sugar level problems
  • pregnancy
  • eating disorders, obesity
  • taking drugs
  • suffer from addictions such as alcohol, and or drug addiction
If you are currently under a physician’s care for a condition other than those listed above, or you are taking one or more medications we recommend that you consult with your physician before starting this or any other diet program.