Joulebody In the Press

Juice Cleansing for the Rest of Us
February 2014
Refinery 29 & Samsung asked us ways to be healthy this holiday. Check out what we recommend.
By Jada Wong
December 2013
We Tried It! The Happy Cleanse by Joulebody and Bliss
By Julie Giusti
July 2013
Star Scopes Out The Scene, Featuring Joulebody
May 2013
Cleansing's Dirty Secret
By Courtney Rubin
April 2013
The Most Popular Cleanse Programs, At a Glance: What to know about the cleanse programs that are sweeping the nation.
By Mike Dawson
December 2011
Pass the Juice
November 2011
NOT SO FAST - Detox with a food cleanse
April 2011
Spring Break Body, 3 Weeks To Get It!
March 2011
Can a cleanse with food help curb cravings? Joulebody sets out the plates
February 2011
Coming Clean: A Cleanse Helps Kick Cravings
By Molly Creedenl
October 2010
Celeb Stylist: Fashion Detox: Doing the Detox Cleanse To Fit My Fall Fashion Must-haves
By Stacey Mayeshl
October 2010
A Good Excuse to Stay Home From the Gym
By Sara Eckel
March 2010
W.I.L. Success Story: Yvette Rose
January 2010