Which Juice Cleanse and Detox is best for me?


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Choose from six targeted cleanse programs; Go Cleanse, Kickstart Cleanse, Active Cleanse, Spa Cleanse, Sample Cleanse and Cheat Treat Cleanse. All feature delicious satisfying foods and juices designed to fit your lifestyle. Our Juice Cleanses with whole foods will help your body do what it does best, cleanse and detoxify itself naturally.

There's a variety of delicious cleansing products including a selection of nutrient packed meal replacement energizing bars, trail mixes, and 1 day Cleanse for a quick reboot or to just sample our products.

Active Cleanse by Joulebody
  • More protein dense meals
  • Larger juices
  • Better program for men
Kickstart Cleanse by Joulebody
  • Great for Women
  • More Juices then Food
  • Full Body Re-Boot
  • Good Balance between an All Juice Cleanse and Food Cleanse
Setai Slimming & Toning Therapy and 3-Day Spa Cleanse by Joulebody


3 Day Cleanse Spa Menu Cleanse by Joulebody
  • Use before a trip to the Spa
  • Culinary Spa Experience
  • Weight Loss



The summary cleanse chart will give you a quick tool to determine which cleanse is right for you.
You can also keep reading for a further look into the individual attention we put into each of our cleanse programs.
Get some insight into the question; How long should I cleanse & detox my body?

Summary Cleanse Chart

Kickstart Cleanse Active Cleanse Spa Menu Cleanse Setai Slimming & Toning Therapy and 3-Day Spa Cleanse by Joulebody Joulebody Gift Certificate
Weight Loss
Eliminate Sugar Cravings
On The Move Lifestyle
Increased Energy
Clearer Skin
Rebooting Your System
Gaining Clarity
Trying Vegan Lifestyle
Calories 850-1150 1150-1250
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Custom Designed Cleanse Programs to Fit Your Lifestyle

A lot of people are not aware of the individual attention that goes into every Joulebody cleanse. When you first sign up for your cleansing program, we have you fill out a lifestyle questionnaire. This is designed to help us understand your daily schedule and eating habits. Our nutritional counselors will then tailor your plan specific to your lifestyle.

Our counselors will work with you to design your meal plan to include foods you’ll love to eat that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. All of our plans are gluten, wheat, nut and dairy free. We only use natural sweeteners, organic herbs, spices and plant based proteins in our meals. They have plenty of soluble fiber and are designed to naturally cleanse and detoxify your kidneys, and liver using herbs and spices known for their restorative and healing powers.

How long should I cleanse & detox my body?

Determining your length of cleanse is an important part of your cleansing program, and will be different for everyone. We offer 1 day, 3 day, 5 day and 20 day cleanse programs. All are nutrient dense, flavorful meal plans created using only plant based, locally sourced organic ingredients.

  • Cleansing for 1 day - If you’ve recently done a multi-day cleanse and are on your way to living a healthier lifestyle, this is a great way to quickly reboot your system for one day. The 1 day cleanse is also a great way to extend our other cleanse programs.
  • Cleansing for 3 days - is great way to step into the world of cleansing. 3 full days will allow you to quickly reboot your system start step into a healthier you.
  • Cleansing for 5 days - 2 extra days on your cleanse can often push you over the weight loss hump. It’s also convenient to start on a Monday and finish up on Friday.
  • Cleansing for 20 days - The ultimate commitment to a new and healthy lifestlyle. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Committing to a 20 day cleanse could be just the jump start your body needs after years of abuse and unhealthy living. Free 1 day cleanse with any 20 day cleanse program, to hit that 21 day habit mark.

If you’re ready for a new experience in dieting, cleansing and overall wellness, then you’re ready for the Joulebody lifestyle! Order Online or Give us a call @917.310.0652 today!