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Joulebody Community Success

Whenever the new year comes, I struggle with if I should create a resolutions list or is it likely that it'll become a list I will not follow. I know from experience with my clients it's not just me.

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Fork over Knife

eat healthy

I am watching Fork Over Knives and I can’t believe that with all the facts and science to support that consuming a whole foods, mostly plant-based diet will provide you with better energy, a healthier weight, and a younger, more vibrant lifestyle, that we continue to be unhealthy. 

Holiday Strategies

The Holidays for me mean delicious, juicy turkey from my "titi" and flavorfilled, spicy pork shoulder from my mom. I used to love this and feel no guilt indulging in it, until I started my journey of a plant-base diet.

A Mini Triathlon


When I woke up this morning, I had no idea how I was going to achieve everything I needed to do within the time I had with no babysitter and a semi-sick kid. It required me to participate in a mini triathlon.

Routines Do Matter

As much as I try to rebel against routine, becoming a mom I noticed how my children thrive on it. And I survive because of it. Coaching my clients out of thier toxic ways and into a healthier lifestyle means we have to strategize on ways to incorporate the good and remove the bad.

Is your body winter ready?

autumn in the park

It’s only the first month of Autumn and we can already feel the slowing down that happens during the colder days. Psychologically we may just be waiting for the New Year to come for us to get back into our wellness routine. I mean it's only 2 months away.

I Found My Mission

my dharma

It's been a good couple of days. Taking the time to actually create a schedule for my life does work, exercising really does give me more energy, and eating right does help me feel better about what I give to my body. Meditation really does feel good.

If I were my own wellness coach

wellness coach
My commute to and from work is on a bike or on my feet to do all it takes to run my small business only to hustle back downtown to grab a kid or two for soccer, playdates, etc.

Living My Life's Mission

my dharma
When I think about my mission –my dharma in this world as a mom I would say it’s to be my boys backbone. It is to love my boys unconditional so that they can conquer the world with confidence and perseverance from a kind loving place.

#FWNY - Fashion Week New York

I love the world of fashion. The clothes. The art. The colors. The show. I always did. It’s what I dreamed when I was stuck in my life of poverty. I hung pictures of Gucci. Prada. Mui Mui. Donna Karen. Calvin Klein.

Fix Your Toxic Habits: 7 rehab tricks to a slim, energized body

healthy habits

Summer may be the season that restores your outdoor exercise routines and sanity, but it tends to do the exact for your eating habit. After a few months of alcohol, chips, BBQ’s and not enough good, clean water your belly might be experiencing a little summertime bloatedness.