When I started this program I was moving, had received a promotion at work and feeling overwhelmed. I noticed my health was just not top of my list. I had no idea how little food I really needed to feel full. After the 20-days of eating Joulebody food, I felt ready to take control of my health.
- Kaitlyn, MA - 20-day Lifestyle

Hands down this has been the best choice I've made in several months regarding food. I feel blessed to have encountered Yvette's system and I thank her for this YUMMY cleanse! :) So fresh and tasty!
- Theresa, Arizona - Kickstart 5-day cleanse

Day 3 of my cleanse & I feel great !!!! Juices are tasty & dinner is awesome. Haven't felt this good in ages. Thank you !!!!
- Kristy, New Jersey - Bootcamp 5-day Cleanse

You guys are the BEST! I am a HUGE fan of everything I've had from Joulebody - you've really hit my needs for anti-inflammatory, clean eating!!
- Anne, Montana - Kickstart 3-day

This was a very unique experience. I have been a devout BluePrint girl for several years (and have tried many of the other similar cleanses). After the 2nd day, I got used to the juices and found it very easy to stick with the routine. The bars are DELICIOUS. My tastes have changed and I've continued to maintain the changes. I've lost my taste for all the sweets I was eating before and I'm really just craving greens, salads, fruits and drinking tons of water. I haven't even gone back to drinking coffee - and don't miss it a bit. Sticking with the green tea! I will definitely recommend Joulebody to friends and anyone looking for a great Juice Cleanse with food .
- Brooke, New York, NY

Hello. I received my delivery this morning and just wanted to say thank you. Your customer service is always impeccable! I am on day two of my cleanse and I feel great. Lighter and more energized. I can not say thank you enough for providing such invaluable service.
- Alisa, New York 3-day Active

I am LOVING everything! The food is so delicious and the ginger bars and sexy bites are killer! I could live on them :) I feel terrific, I have energy throughout the day—no afternoon drag at all, so I haven't had a Diet Coke since I started, and that wasn't even intentional. I just don't "crave" it or need it…thank you so much!
- Laura New York, NY

Joulebody cleanses helped me overhaul my body's engine. I tried a 3 day juice only cleanse and lost 7 pounds and felt amazing. After that I completed two more 3 day cleanses of juice with the amazing vegan, natural, raw food they provide, then bumped it up to six days cleanses and finally a 20 day cleanse. The perfect portion control and combination of nutrients helped me shrink my appetite while ensuring I felt strong and energized. The food tastes amazing as well. The Ginger and Brownie bars are a complete treat whether I am cleansing or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Joulebody for resetting my system and ushering me up the path of healthy living !
- Joe, Cambridge, MA

If I was a millionaire I'd pay you to prepare food for me everyday - it is so good!
- Caitlin, Brooklyn, NY

Just wanted to let you know HANDS DOWN this was the best cleanse I've ever done. And I've tried all of them. Delicious, filling, fantastic results. Will enthusiastically recommend to all my colleagues in the media. FANTASTIC product!
- Tara, New York, NY

Omg I'm in love with this cleanse. Today is my fourth day( I got the five day cleanse ), but I feel awesome!!! I am sooo glad I did this.... I will definitely refer Joulebody to all my friends!!! I will definitely be doing this again soon. You guys are awesome!
- Lucy, California 5-day Sip N Chew

Wow!!! What a fabulous program!! I am extremely impressed with the quality of the products in the Joulebody Cleanse. I really am blown away. I am finishing Day 2, with a couple of the sexy bites and looking forward to tomorrow. The juices are fantastic – your literature says “not like other cleanses” or “not like other juices” - boy that is really true. These are fabulous – not sweet – totally appetizing and energizing, filled with some of my favorite ingredients that I eat every day – seeds, flax, chia, sunflower, pumpkin, turmeric, ginger, cayenne, kale, swiss chard, etc. Just a fantastic program. Thank you! "
-Beryl Bender Birch, Author of Power Yoga