Why Cleanse

Cleansing & Detoxing is a great way eliminate toxins from your body and start anew. Based on a "detox with food" philosophy, Joulebody is the only Juice Cleanse company that uses whole foods, bars, juices and other product lines to stimulate your body to cleanse and detox itself naturally with ingredients like turmeric, cayenne, chia, flax, apple cider vinegar, and more.

Reasons to Cleanse

There are many reasons to cleanse & detox your body. Every day our bodies absorb toxins from pollution in the air, water, chemicals we ingest from preservatives, unhealthy foods, and even food containers. These toxins can build up in our bodies and lead to poor health conditions and addictive habits -- like sugar and caffeine. Cleansing helps to reboot your system and jump start the cell regeneration process.

There are several common reasons to cleanse & detox including:
  • Ridding your body of harmful toxin buildup
  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Fix digestive issues
  • Clear skin & healthy pores
  • Better mental concentration
  • Introduce your body to new, nourishing foods
  • Address food cravings or allergies
  • Reset & Reboot your body after experiencing a trauma or drug therapy


The Joulebody cleanse and detox programs are not a quick fix, but instead a full holistic lifestyle change. Through her own life and travels Joulebody founder Yvette Rose, a nutritional specialist, yoga teacher and certified holistic practitioner, says "Your body was built to be cleansed with food. Joulebody is the only cleanse program that uses a strategy of a vegan whole foods, bars, and Juice cleanses to detox your body. Utilizing high quality super foods is the key to encouraging your body to cleanse itself naturally.


While the concept of cleansing through all-liquid diets and juice fasting is well-known in mainstream American culture, starving your body can actually cause more harm than good. Like a car that needs fuel to run, your body needs nourishment to function properly. Starvation-based cleanses can leave you sluggish and put your body in a state of emergency. This biological response, dating back to the time of cave dwellers, results in your body attempting to maintain its weight for survival, making it harder to lose weight over time.

“I think that an all-liquid starvation diet is counter intuitive. We have teeth...to eat with! Give the body food to chew on like kale, seeds, carrots, and celery-- it knows what to do with it. It uses it to cleanse your body.” says Yvette.


Joulebody is the only cleansing program that delivers cleanses in glass bottles and mason jars locally, and Nationally across the US. It may cost more, but your body and the environment is worth it. Plastic containers are proven to emit harmful toxins our bodies and earth does not need.

Joulebody is an environmentally minded company and encourages a 360º lifestyle, as you should be aware of not only where your food is coming from, but how certain packaging can be harmful to your body and the environment.

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