Feeling sick and tired, check your gut

Feeling sick and tired, check your gut

Blame it on the moon, the sun, the period, the work, the partner, the planetary alignment, but please don’t blame it on me! I don’t want to believe that my eating habits late at night just sits in my stomach or that glass or two of wine keeps me up at night binge watching Netflix. Please don’t take away the things helping me get through this pandemic!! The truth: your gut is your brain and if you are feeling tired, unmotivated, anxious or depressed, likely you need to check your gut. You become the energetics of what has been fed into your gut. This isn’t just food. It’s the trauma we’ve experienced in our lives, the fears we carry in our bodies, the anxiety we feel when we think we have no control. This all feeds your gut which then sends messages to your brain.

A few years back I had to get 2 boys to graduate school, I was closing on my last coaching program, preparing to launch my gut-brain meal bar and packing to move from one coast to another. This was the year I decided to stop drinking and eat plant-based. Basically I had all the happenings for a breakdown. No junk food and no alcohol (and I didn’t use cannabis yet - that’s a whole other post) I was tired and feeling anxious all the time. I had no appetite and without the alcohol or junk food in my life, I felt like I had no escape. I was tired.

Stress is a part of the human experience but by depriving the gut of nutrition you block the signal to the brain that helps you get sh*t done. When life is kicking your ass and you’re not doing anything to keep your body and mind healthy, your body will produce more inflammation eventually making you sick and tired.

Here are some simple things you can eat to help heal your gut

Here’s my quick go-to when I need energy that doesn’t keep me up at night but keeps me going during the day. And yes, these things help keep a healthy gut too.

  1. Greens: All sorts of greens. This includes: Matcha, chlorophyll, green tea, spirulina, and green veggies (which I am going, to be honest, I didn’t have much because it was awhile before I got access to a fridge and salads in restaurants just don’t interest me)

  2. Oats and things: I absolutely live for my morning concoction of oatmeal, chia seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, goji berries, coconut oil and water. That’s it. i didn’t have a stove, but for this, no stove needed, just hot water.

  3. Bananas and walnuts: I needed quick energy and quick easy nerve supporting foods. That was bananas and walnuts. Magnesium, potassium and healthy fats.

There you go! Make it simple. Don’t over complicate your meals. Know what you want to achieve and eat for that goal.

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