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Self-Love Kit

Self-Love Kit

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Hibiscus+Ginger+Cacao Superfood SeedBars+Cascara+Chai+Detox+Tulsi+Nettles Herbal Teas | Organic | Plant-based | Superfoods | Gluten-Free 

(6) Superfood Acai Hibiscus Bars (6) Vitality Ginger Goji Bars (6) Superseed Energy Cacao Goji bar (10) Superherb Cascara tea bags (10) Superherb Organic Chai tea bags (10) Superherb Organic Tulsi tea bags

Introducing the Joulebody Self-Love Kit, a savory program designed to elevate your well-being from morning to evening. Curated to tantalize your senses and nourish your body from dawn 'til dusk.

With our selection of Hibiscus+Ginger+Cacao Superseed Meal Replacement Bars, meticulously crafted to fuel your body and soul with plant-based goodness and superfoods like goji, cacao and maca, all while being gluten-free.

Start your day with the invigorating Program: 9AM Good Morning Acai Hibiscus Seedbars and Cascara Tea, specially formulated to enhance focus and vitality with a blend of superfood ingredients like acai, hibiscus, and dates.

As the day unfolds, indulge in the comforting embrace of Program: 12PM Good Mood Cacao Cascara Seedbars and Chai Tea, offering a blend of indulgent flavors and revitalizing energy to uplift your spirits and enhance your mood.

3PM Good Vibes organic detox tea 

Start to wind down with the soothing Program: 5PM Good Feelings Ginger Goji Seedbars and Tulsi Tea, a harmonious combination of ginger and goji berries infused with the calming essence of tulsi, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day.

7PM Good Night organic Nettles Tea, each sip and bite becomes a luxurious moment of self-indulgence, beckoning you to bask in the nourishing embrace of our decadent offerings

With the Joulebody Self-Love Kit, self-care becomes a delicious ritual, elevating your mood, energy levels, and overall sense of well-being with every bite and sip. Treat yourself to the nourishment you deserve and embrace the journey to radiant health and happiness.

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