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About Me, Yvette Rose 

Certified in Nutrition, Gut-health, Brain-health, Advanced Dietary Supplement Advisor, Meditation and Yoga to support a healthier mindset through lifestyle practices for peak performance doing this work since 2003. 

Success begins when you understand the important connection between gut and brain. A serial entrepreneur, featured in such WellandGood, Origins, Forbes, NBC, New York Style Guide and more. I value the importance of living life purposeful through intention, integrity and drive using tools like meditation, movement and nutrition.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the guts microbiota. We each have our own set of bacteria that creates a unique experience for each and every one of us. That is why I look at the person, as an individual and what is blocking the experience they are looking to create by diving into gut-health.

I’ve worked with clients on growing their hair back from alopecia, finding a soul mate while healing their kidney and liver illness, leveling up at work and many, many personal blocks, simply by guiding them on practices that keep them present and focused the life they want to achieve. I help clients see it’s all within their reach, through gut-health practices.



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ADDRESS: We started in NYC in 2009. Today we are continuing to build in California. 

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