5-DAY MANIFEST A NEW HABIT CHALLENGE: Break habits blocking your manifestation

5-DAY MANIFEST A NEW HABIT CHALLENGE: Break habits blocking your manifestation

I like to use challenges as a way to kickstart a new experience. I've used them on myself and clients. Challenges such as 25/25/25 = push-ups, squats, sit-ups for 14-days straight or 5-day cleanses, or 21-day breaking a habit. All of these challenges have helped me coach my clients through some difficult habit breaking. Then I came up with the 5-day challenge incorporating journaling, meal planning (or Joule Fast) and exercising everyday for 5-days straight.

Seems easy?

Well for some who are already doing the things needed to live healthier, however there is a population that needs to either get started on a healthy lifestyle plan or reboot one. Either way, this challenge is made to help you break an old habit(s). You know the ones getting in the way of you having the life you so want. The habits that may end up or are already the root of your illnesses, physical and mental.

Here's what clients have said when they completed this challenge:

"I realized after the third day that my mind was getting in my way. I had a lot of negative talks with myself. By doing the Joule Fast during this challenge instead of focusing on food and planning I began to take the time to focus my energy on changing my thoughts. Thanks for sharing this as a tool." -- Julisa F., mom, teacher, healer


"It started with me wanting to plan my meals and do all the prepping but then as I got closer to starting I decided I was going to go all in. It's only 5-days right?! Well the 5-days weren't easy to say the least, but I did do most of it with Joule Fast and some of my own stuff. I wasn't sure where this was going. i think what I learned was how often I said I wanted something but didn't want to commit to doing whatever needed to happen, like planning my meals." -- Kiya M, yoga teacher


So there you have some of what people have said after they completed this challenge. The question is, are you ready to do this challenge?

Here's what you need to ask yourself and if you answered yes to any of these, then likely you should do this 5-Day Challenge.

  1. Have you been feeling "blah" lately, hopeless?
  2. Have you been feeling bloated with a little foggy brain?
  3. Have you noticed your skin dulling, hair falling and nails brittle?
  4. Have you been eating or craving more "junk food' than usual.
  5. Have you had trouble staying asleep?
  6. Have you noticed some weight gain?
  7. Are you feeling like you need a shift, a reboot?
  8. Have you been diagnosed with any disease lately?
  9. Do you have a habit that you just can't break?
  10. Are you looking to manifest something and want to fast track?

If you are ready to do the 5-day challenge, 

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