Can your coffee be a hormone disrupter?

Can your coffee be a hormone disrupter?

Have you ever used coffee to replace a meal?

Have you used coffee to make your feel more energized and alert?

Does caffeine pump you up?

If you answered yes to any of these then you know how coffee has been a part of not just your meal plan but your emotions. So if you know the feeling coffee has given you, you should also know that this feeling isn't free. It does take a toll on your body affecting your hormones, adrenals, and sugar levels.


I am not telling you to stop drinking coffee. As a certified International Health Coach having worked with thousands of clients on gut-health and weight-loss, one of my top recommendation is to change routines, especially in dieting. It's important to create diversity in the gut and gut diversity is what you need for better health practices. 

Coming up with something to replace coffee isn't so hard. Ultimately you want to find something that provides a similar experience but with different viable nutritional values and that can be teas!


I found Cascara to be a great option that keeps my clients happy and satisfied. The health benefits include high iron and fiber. A cup can produce up to 15% of your needed iron daily and 30% of your recommended daily fiber intake. That's a whole lot of nutrition in a cup without having too much caffeine in a cup or acid. Cascara is a great alternative to consider to give your gut lining a break from the acid drinking too much coffee can produce. 

As the result of a sugar level spike, when our blood sugar levels come down, we need an emergency fix to bring them back up. This is why people who drink coffee at breakfast or indulge in sugary and processed breakfasts crave carbs and sugar by 11am or later in the day.

There is another little known fact about Coffee, it stimulates the adrenals which will release more cortisol, our stress hormone; this is partly why we experience a burst of energy which is not sustainable. You end up with a crash which usually leads to wanting sugar or carbs loading.

Other affects of constantly activating the adrenals are often the cause of unexplained weight gain, sleeping problems, feeling emotionally fragile, depression and fatigue. Drinking coffee while experiencing adrenal fatigue is only adding fuel to the fire.



Now it doesn’t ‘have to be so dramatic. You don’t have to change your coffee habit because of fear of getting adrenal fatigue or disrupting your hormone production. You can change up your coffee routine just to make it more fun, something new to experience.

If you are looking for a place to purchase your cascara tea, check out our tea selection.

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