“My Period Came While Cleansing”

“My Period Came While Cleansing”

I believe I shared this before but if this is your first time on my blog, then let me introduce myself. My name is Yvette Rose. I am an internationally certified Health Coach specializing in gut-heath. Way back when there wasn’t Shopify or any e-commerce specialized apps, I asked my webmaster to hard code a website that was designed to sell 3 and 5 day cleanses delivered nationally. I called this program Joule(body) Cleanse made up of a combination of food, smoothies, juices, salads, soups and snacks. We made everything fresh with a very strict list of ingredients scientifically backed on helping detoxification. One of my greatest achievements. I had an opportunity to feed 1000’s of clients and learn more about the effects food has on the body and mind.

Clients would email me sharing how they slept better, they felt more focused, their skin was radiant and so much more. There was however, one concerning issue, women were getting their periods when they weren’t due. Women who hadn’t gotten their periods in some time all of a sudden got their periods. I have to admit, I was concerned. I tried calling several Gynecologist including my own and they didn’t seem to think anything of it, one even told me that maybe that person shouldn’t be eating “those foods”. Those foods were plant foods, scientifically backed to support a healthier gut, fighting inflammation and help to balance hormones. In hindsight, what I was doing was progressive. I was helping mainstream women learn how to eat in a whole new way. Most of my clients ate processed foods, drank a lot of coffee, or ate lot’s of animal products including dairy and meats. Joule(body) Cleanse was made of all plant ingredients and their bodies were cleansing.

At a young age girls were put on birth control to help control our periods and that seemed normal but eating foods that helped this same process naturally was deemed “abnormal”?

Recently I have become obsessed over understanding what Phase 1-4 detoxification. I studied this process in 2005 but there wasn’t as much research on this process as there is now. This process fascinates me because it’s the process of estrogen elimination, detoxification. If you research causes for women’s cancer, women’s mental health, women’s weight and a women’s menstrual cycle you will find that estrogen is a key hormone.

So why couldn’t I get an answer as to why my female clients were getting their periods when they weren’t’ due while cleansing?

I believe the answer to be that doctors are only now beginning to understand how complicated our gut is and how it is our endocrine system. (1) Since this has been proven based on many studies, then it makes sense that plant-food, which is plant-medicine, would help the detoxification process, which in turn reduces inflammation and can help the woman’s body function optimally.

Why were my clients so afraid when their periods came on when they ate plant-based, but they didn’t question their periods coming on using synthetic birth control?

We have been raised to believe BIG pharma is the best option. It is controlled, has been studied and stays consistent unlike when we use plant-medicine, foods made from mother earth, which can have different affects on our bodies, this is because we are forever evolving, forever changing. Now that I know so much more, I understand that estrogen being blocked from healthy production, estrogen dominance from poor detoxification can lead us to struggle with our cycle, our mental health and our weight.

Simply by doing the 3-day cleanse women, my clients were able to feel like they were getting more connected to their bodies because it isn’t a pill, it’s food that heals. Take for instance, foods like Grapefruit, apples, oranges, broccoli, and brussel sprouts which are considered “beta glucuronidase inhibitor” which basically in plain english, are ideal for natural detox and prevention of some cancers.

Basically, your gut wants to heal and it can do so fairly quickly the trick is staying consistent and be diverse in what you eat. Eat raw foods, bone broths, root veggies, seeds, herbs and spices. All of these help the detoxification process, which an help to rebalance your hormones. Personally, from all the research I’ve done and all that I’ve experienced, it begins with the gut. If you can help your gut by diversifying your microbes and adding in foods that help the detoxification process, you may be surprised on what you can heal.

If you want to learn more about gut-health, set up a consultation and let’s see how together we can help you feel better in your body and mind for peak performance in all areas of your life.


(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5004142/

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