7-things to combat depression and anxiety

7-things to combat depression and anxiety

We take for granted the simpler things in life and how beneficial they could be to our health and total well-being. You see the gut is where inflammation starts, your hormones are created, and  your immune system supported. This is where at least 90% of your feel-good hormone is created. This likely means that if you have been suffering from anxiety or depression you should consider taking these action steps to get started on a Gut-Brain Program that combats your low vibe.


There are 7-action steps you can take right now to get you started on a plan that will help your gut-biomes that are healthy and beneficial activate while squashing the ones that are harmful to your brain health, in turn causing elevating depression and anxiety.


  1. Nutrition - yes. You need to be mindful about the foods you put into your body if you want to holistically beat the constant weight depression and anxiety can put on you. By buying organic, no refined sugars and minimizing fried foods, processed foods, meats, dairy and gluten you are on your way to creating a plan that works for your healthy gut-brain connection
  2. Exercise - studies continue to show 20-30 minutes 3-5-days a week of aerobic exercises will improve your mood by triggering endorphins and dopamine.
  3. Meditation - start with 3-minutes, then go up to 20-minutes using breath work and affirmations. These practices have shown to highlight the part of the brain that helps you feel good
  4. Community - we are tribal. We are meant to be supported by one another. When we aren’t, it’s likely because we have closed ourselves from past negative experiences.
  5. Nature. Somehow, someway find time to get into nature. By simply laying on grass, sand, or walking barefoot we are opening ourselves up to better sleep and reduced pain by connecting to conductive systems that transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into the body.
  6. Service to others  - when we are in a space of lack, go out there and find someone that needs your help. This will remind you that you already have everything you need. It shifts the brain from lack to abundance.
  7. Spiritual practice - however this looks like for you. Take time to recognize that you are not alone, you have the support energetically from all those before you, supporting you.


All and all, these 7-action steps will get your gut to fight inflammation in the gut that then triggers the brain in a negative way. These steps will help you to make better lifestyle choices that are in line with more joy and an abundant life.


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