Brain fatigued? Feel like your aging. Try this.

Brain fatigued? Feel like your aging. Try this.

There are so many supplement options out there that it can confuse anyone. Supplements have become a marketing scam if you ask me. Claims can be as far out as "makes you smarter, thinner, happier, sleepier." All of these statements can be true, if the supplements are lab tested and formulated properly as well as supported by other chemicals in your body that you likely get from foods.

Like my last post on insulin and PCOS, I will be sharing more on my POV of supplements, but for this post I want to share what has helped myself and my clients most when it comes to brain fog and aging. Like the liver is important for hormone health and insulin resistance, understanding how important the cellular process is in our bodies for DNA repair as well as for your brain, muscles and cell rejuvenation. 

Do you remember the cells powerhouse? If you guessed Mitochondria, you are right! When it is healthy, when it is strong, then you feel strong, you feel good, energized. 

Our body naturally breaks down fat and carbs and converts it to energy. This energy aids NADH which naturally creates energy and helps oxidation in the cells. All comes back to energy. NADH is used to improve mental clarity, concentration, alertness, and better memory. It is used to help with chronic fatigue.

By taking supplements like vit B3 and NAD+ you are able to help your bodies cells work optimally. I believe the reason why we have to support our bodies systems with supplements like these has a lot to do with environmental factors, the amount of stress we are faced with day to day and the fact that we are staying alive longer than ever in history. Our brains are inundated with blue light, we are sitting down more, staying up later, eating processed foods and foods filled with sugar. All of these factors cause our cells to need more support.

"Tru Niagen boosts  NAD levels. It's my daily supplement for my cells & my anti-aging, immune health tip." - Brooke Burke CEO | Founder BrookeBurkeBODY wellness

So if you are looking for a better brain health, more energy, longevity then consider these supplements:


Vitamin B3


If you have more questions on NAD+ or Super seeds, reach out and ask. Yvette Rose is here to support.


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