You did heal, it’s the holidays that haven’t

You did heal, it’s the holidays that haven’t

The end of the year holidays can make you feel like you are totally losing control of your time, you're eating is off, your patience is low, and your recent awakening has fallen back to sleep. You may begin to feel uncomfortable, like your easily triggered. Behaviors you thought you outgrew are showing up again. And now you are acting out in your old patterns. Maybe drinking more, gossiping, arguing, or laying around and not taking care of your body. 

It takes programming, repetition to be able to break a habit and because the holidays only come around a few times a year, you haven't had enough time in your awaken state to be around your family members that may not be in alignment with your healthier beliefs.

But even if you know this, you may still find yourself in negative thinking, that's because you've been triggered. Don't ignore it. Actually, if you pretend it doesn't exist and keep it suppressed, hidden it will cause your gut to feel uncomfortable, physically and emotionally.

Instead of repeating positive affirmations, or pretending as if it doesn’t exist by not giving it energy, I recommend you actually listen to it and watch yourself as you react to it. Question yourself.

Here’s my action plan for getting back on track during the holidays.

  1. Think of the most important thing that you need to stay committed to doing. For me it’s meditation. I cannot give myself a “get out of jail free” card for this one. Even if one day you miss out, don’t let that determine how you show up the next day. Just remember how you feel and how you react is based on what you did to flow with it

  2. Add a time in your calendar daily with a reminder to keep you awake on the trigger you are reacting to

  3. Write down 3 reasons why breaking this habit was and still is important to you

  4. Allow the excuses to flow, but don’t allow myself to use any of them. They are there and some may be very valid, however your desire to keep on track with your manifesting your dreams is bigger than the excuse, so therefore you proceed and move into healing. (ie)
    “I’m going to meditate anyway.”

Holidays are great. They are designed for our healing. We have the opportunities to revisit the memories, the habits and the stories we grew up with so that we can then see how much we have grown and how much more there is to do. We are all human having human experiences. Allow yourself to flow. Don’t ignore the trigger and the toxic habit to follow, instead flow with it and heal it with that practice that got you to know you can heal from it when the time is right.

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