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The Cleanse

The Cleanse

Elevate focus, ignite energy, and induce relaxation with Joulebody's 3-Day Cleanse. Unleash vitality through a harmonious blend of herbs, promoting rejuvenation and mental clarity. Your transformative wellness journey begins now!

3-day Cleanse
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Energy Slumps
Throughout the Day

Dealing with energy crashes, especially in the afternoon, the strategic blend of natural caffeine in morning teas and nutrient-rich seed bars sustains energy levels, preventing midday slumps.


Daily digestive issues causing discomfort, bloating, and sluggishness. Joulebody Cleanse with carefully selected teas and seedbars aids in digestive health, reducing discomfort and bloating.

Sugar Cravings and
Unhealthy Snacking

Cravings for sugary snacks, leading to unhealthy eating habits, Joulebody Cleanse includes flavorful seed bars that satisfy cravings with wholesome ingredients, promoting healthier snacking choices.


Joulebody is a new way to cleanse your body, free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugar, used by her family for generations. Plus, it tastes great. Subscribe here for a 10% discount.

With carefully selected ingredients and a science-backed approach, this kit is designed to help you reset and revitalize your digestive system, saying goodbye to bloating, indigestion, and low energy levels, and hello to improved gut health.


    Cascara Tea:

    Natural caffeine kick for a refreshing morning.

    Acai Hibiscus Seedbar:
    Energizing blend for sustained vitality.


    Good Feeling Tulsi Tea:Tulsi and ginger infusion for relaxation

    Ginger Goji Seedbar:Nutrient-rich bar for sustained evening focus.


    Good Mood Chai Tea:Calming chai flavors without caffeine.

    Cacao Cascara Seedbar:Rich in cacao for a delightful treat.


    Good Night Rose Tea:
    Chamomile, nettles, and rose for a peaceful evening.


    Good Mood Chai Tea:
    Detoxifying blend for midday clarity.


    Order Your Joulebody Cleanse for Daily Radiance!


How long should I follow the Joulebody Cleanse Kit?

The kit is designed for a 3-day program, offering a comprehensive approach to reset and revitalize your body. Following the recommended schedule ensures optimal results.CAN I CUSTOMIZE THE TIMING OF THE TEAS AND SEEDBARS IN THE KIT?

Can I customize the timing of the teas and seedbars in the kit?

While the kit is designed for specific times, you can adapt it to your routine. The key is to maintain the sequence to support your body throughout the day.WILL THE SEEDBARS KEEP ME FULL BETWEEN MEALS?

Will the seedbars keep me full between meals?

Absolutely! Packed with nutrient-dense ingredients, the seedbars provide sustained energy and help curb hunger between meals, supporting a healthy eating routine.IS JOULEBODY CLEANSE SUITABLE FOR THOSE WITH DIETARY RESTRICTIONS?

Is Joulebody Cleanse suitable for those with dietary restrictions?

The cleanse is crafted with plant-based, nutrient-rich ingredients. However, it's always wise to check the ingredient list for any specific dietary concerns or consult with a healthcare professional.CAN I CONTINUE MY REGULAR SUPPLEMENTS WHILE ON JOULEBODY CLEANSE?

Can I continue my regular supplements while on Joulebody Cleanse?

It's advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before combining the cleanse with other supplements. The cleanse is designed as a holistic program, and individual needs may vary.CAN I DRINK OTHER BEVERAGES WHILE ON THE JOULEBODY CLEANSE, OR IS WATER THE ONLY RECOMMENDED OPTION?

Can I drink other beverages while on the Joulebody Cleanse, or is water the only recommended option?

While water is encouraged for hydration, herbal teas and plain, unsweetened drinks are generally acceptable. Avoiding sugary and caffeinated beverages complements the cleansing process.ARE THERE ANY POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS, AND HOW DO I MANAGE THEM IF THEY OCCUR?

Are there any potential side effects, and how do I manage them if they occur?

Mild adjustments in digestion or energy levels are normal as your body adapts. If you experience discomfort beyond what's expected, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.


Starting your day shouldn't mean battling hunger and fatigue by evening. As a woman who understands the challenges—mood swings, hunger, fatigue—I sought a solution. Leveraging 20+ years of experience, I curated the Joulebody Cleanse for accessible cleansing without the stress of intermittent fasting.

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